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Flats for $500, please!

So I have a confession to make. I don't like wearing heels! I know, I know. How can you work in fashion and not like wearing heels? I mean, think of all the beautiful Louboutins and Manolos I'm missing out on! Well let's not forget that both brands make flats, sneakers, boots, and sandals. So don't fret, I have plenty of other options. And I'm okay with my options.

This may sound funny, but I used to force myself to wear heels. I thought that as a woman, and especially a fashionista CEO, it was a requirement that I wore heels. I mean, wearing heels is kind of a rite of passage for women, right? Think back to how your heels evolved over the years until you were finally wearing this skinny, pencil like 6-inch pair of heels. Don't get me wrong; I think a lot of heels are gorgeous and sexy. I love looking at them in magazines and in the stores. I just don't like wearing them. And I'm okay with that.

It took me a long time to find and accept my personal style. So many things can influence how you show up. My father was pretty big on personal appearance and hygiene. I like to call him GQ. Anytime we were going out in public, he was dressed! And as his children, we had to be presentable as well. He always reminded us that we were representing not only ourselves, but our family name as well. So get it together! That instilled in me an early sense of pride in how I presented myself whenever I left home. The expectation didn't stop at how we were dressed either. There were certain expectations when it came to our behavior, and how we communicated with others.

I guess in a way, that was the beginning of my training as an Image Consultant. At a pretty young age, I was taught to be aware of my presence, and how others were responding to it. Because I grew up internationally, I learned about cultural protocol early on. I learned when to do two kisses on the cheek and not three. I learned how to speak to leaders, and then turn around and mingle with my friends. It all came together under the umbrella of my image. Every fancy dinner party or kiss on the cheek was preparing me for my future role. I just had to learn for myself that you could do all of that, but still be true to you. The magic of your own personal style is that it's yours. My job as an Image Consultant is to help people enhance what they're already doing.

So today, I still go to fancy events and give the kisses on the cheek, but I make sure I'm comfortable while doing it. I know there's a lot of pressure to be all things sexy in today's society. But let me explain something. There is nothing sexy about me limping around a dinner party, or sitting at a table the entire time because my feet hurt. Nope, I want to mingle and I want to dance all night. And for me, that's just not going to work in heels. So yeah, flats please! And I'm okay with that.

Rebeckah Ruth

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