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Hold the pumpkin (and excuses), please!

Ahhh September. Fall begins in September, which means kids starting a new school year, temperatures starting to change, fall decorations and everything pumpkin! I mean, there’s pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin donuts. Shall I go on?

But besides fashion and everything pumpkin, September to me signifies the beginning of your closing period. We’re a breath away from closing out another year. If you haven’t already, now is the time to really buckle down and figure out how you want your 2019 to end.

This looks different for everyone. Maybe it’s a financial goal that you want to meet, so that means you may have to take on five jobs to make it happen. Or maybe it’s a relationship or friendship that you need to either mend or walk away from. Or maybe it’s a massive shift in your business to get you ready to hit 2020 running. Whatever it is for you, figure it out and get to it. December 31st, 2019 will be here sooner than you think, so don’t procrastinate!

A lot of people don’t challenge themselves with who they are going to become by the end of the year. And really, you shouldn’t think of it as a goal with a December 31st

end date. The thought process is more about what behavior or habit you need to leave in 2019. Not resolutions, but concrete, doable goals and things that will change how your 2020 begins. If you are consciously thinking about becoming better, chances are you will and it starts now.

This only works if you want it to work. Becoming a better version of who you are requires you to throw away all excuses and make a choice. It sounds so simple, yet so many people struggle with making that choice. Think of it as a lifestyle change that you’re making. Raise your standard. Set your standard and then commit to your standard.

So I hope that this September, you will challenge yourself to make some changes for the better. I know I have some things that I want to work on and the biggest goals are the “me” goals. I mean, I’m a pretty spectacular person but even the best of us need a little self-tuning sometimes.

So by all means, enjoy the weather changing and fall fashion. But make sure you carve out some time for some self-evaluation.

Rebeckah Ruth

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